Class Timetable

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Class Descriptions

Box Fit - Monday 6:30am

AND THE NEW…Monday morning class is Box Fit! A boxing based workout designed to challenge people of every level of fitness, its an ideal way to learn the basic principles of boxing while helping to sweat out the weekend!

Boxing Circuits - Monday 7pm

A boxing inspired circuit designed to use every muscle and test your cardio fitness. You'll use different styles of punching interspersed with high intensity exercises to push you to your limits.

Death Circuits - Tuesday 6:30am

Far less scary than it sounds! Death circuits is a challenging workout where a variety of exercises, targeting different muscles, are performed in sequence with no rest, building up from a single exercise to six or seven back-to-back and then back down again.

Strength & Conditioning - Tuesday 7pm

An invigorating full body workout comprising weights and cardio exercises in structured patterns of work and rest to improve strength and overall fitness.

All Out Strength - Wednesday 6:30am

Pure strong man (and woman) training!  All Out Strength features several high resistance, low rep sets and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced individuals. Using a variety of training methods such pyramid training and super-sets this class focuses solely on building strength in a fun and supportive environment.

Wednesday Weights - Wednesday 7pm

Wednesdays are all about weights! This strength focused class is both fun and challenging. It's an ideal way to perfect your form on a variety of basic and more advanced weight based exercises. This exercise class is suitable for everybody so don’t worry if you’ve never lifted weights before!

Interval Training - Thursday 6:30am

High intensity interval training in the form of several rounds of a challenging circuit with minimal rest periods that will get your heart pumping.

Spartan Training - Thursday 7pm  

Perfect for fat loss, fitness, building muscle and improving sports performance. This is an intense, full body workout. Train like a warrior!

Weekend Workout - Friday 6:30am

A different challenge each week, which is guaranteed to give you a high intensity workout and get you feeling ready for the weekend!

Bootcamp - Saturday 10am

Military style training with strict discipline to make you work hard, sweat lots, and burn some serious fat! While the exercise may be disciplined expect a fun and motivating atmosphere, combined with cheesy tunes and some flashy dance moves from Ste!